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Improve Skills with Arts for Children

Times have changed and so has the interests of the children. Long back kids loved to engage themselves in arts and crafts activities and now their priorities have changed towards electronic devices like PlayStations, iPods and cellular phones. The kids love to sit idly in front of the television screen lazing away and parents usually find it difficult to take the kid away from it. These kind of sluggish activities affect the brain power and imagination power of the child making him bored eventually. But, the kids are not to be blamed for this and it lies in the hands of the parents as to how well they imbibe the love for arts and crafts in the child right through their young age.

The fundamental fact here is to acquaint the child with art activities in their very young age. You can get various ideas of arts for children according to their age. By sparkling an interest in such generative activities will ensure that the interest stays for a long term. When children are young, they like to spend time with the parents and siblings. You will have to try ideas and make it fun for the child so that it interests him. You can even engage the whole family into the activities, thus increasing the family bonding.

Children can begin to draw with support right from the age of two years. You can help your child draw simple figures like a cat or a mouse in the beginning and even make him color it. This will increase the interest of the child when he sees the images turn colorful. After a few times, let him draw by himself and appreciate whatever he draws and make sure that you point out the corrections so that he learns to correct himself. Initially use color pencils and crayons as arts for children.

When he is old enough to handle a brush, give him water colors to paint what he feels like. By around 3 to 4 years, the child will be able to use the brush. Make sure that you do not criticize or compare your child with anyone else as this will weaken him mentally. You can sit with your child, help him choose the colors and with the brush strokes. Within a few days, you will be stunned to see the imaginative power in arts for children.

By the age of 4, your child will be able to handle a scissors and you can get him do paper arts for children like origami, paper puppets, masks etc. You can even have a showcase with your child's creative activities and this will encourage him further. Building blocks are also a great way to improve the imaginative power of the child. Paper jigsaw puzzles can be made more interesting with custom pictures. Clay crafts also play a great role in increasing the thinking and creative power of the child. By the age of 5, you will be able to realize the specific craft that your child likes the most and help him improve himself.