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The mission of the Consortium is to maintain the stability and encourage the advancement of arts and cultural organizations in the metro Richmond area and to provide support for emerging arts and cultural endeavors.

Support funds are for operations only, and are disbursed according to criteria approved by the Consortium's Board of Directors. For partners to distribute additional finds, the Consortium uses a competitive panel review process similar to that of the Virginia Commission for the Arts.

Some of our directors are casino high rollers, while others are just regular people. But they are all united by a common desire to make the Arts known and enjoyed to all students and to the general public. The next generation should not be entirely materialistic, but also aware of the beauty of the Arts. As Julius Caesar famously said 2000 years ago, "bread and games", this is what the people need.The Board of Directors of the Arts & Cultural Funding Consortium are all known to the community for their generosity and their non-profit endeavors.

It is important to develop cultural activities for our community and youth. By not offering this form of artistic entertainment, we would open the door to all sorts of temptations for the idle and unemployed, like the code marketing pokerstars or other gaming and unproductive activities. The commnunity warmly welcomes the continual support of our most productive sponsors. This is why we are so thankful to our sponsors without the funding of which our organization could never reach such achievements and artistic performances locally and nationwide.