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As flexible as an acrobat and with the discipline of a dancer, this mime performance was performed 300 times in the country. Critics and audiences loved him almost from his start, although his big break came in 1985 when a tour in New York was repeatedly extended. He became a superstar of play, with theaters full of enthousiastic spectators and appearing on the TV, in movies, games and on Boradway winning two Emmys. He had 40 film appearances, including Bullarello, but his most famous role was in the 1996 film calledGreat Movie. The famously silent Mr. Mime had the sole speaking part. He said, 'yes'.

Mr. Mime's style of pantomime, with various story lines but a constant pale face which never utters a word despite numerous explicit situations, proved highly popular as a new genre that it was initially. In the arts, a new mime emerged, more psychologically probing with an emphasis on a wide range of movement arts, including dance, multimedia props and, sometimes, speech.

Dirty kids is the first creation of the living mouth shut. Unlike the pastel atmosphere, deliciously nostalgic images that convey the child, this colorful show is inspired by the incomparable childish cruelty. It is not casino night as immobility is the rule and not gambling effervescence.

What does a child do in his room when the doors are closed? All that education and some hypocrisy, forbid us to know of course! With a total lack of moral scruples, and a certain glee, the brats in public, committing our secret fantasies of violence or rebellion, that we are prepared to inflict on others and when we believe to be unattended, and we refer to this as the smallness of our poor beings, irascible devils. The best is yet to come with a lot entertianment and laughs. At least, that offers this ludicrous spectacle, cruel and nightmarish rock.

Mouths sewn are those of Martine Blargois, Alphonse Charment Biturde and Chocoche. At the crossroads of learning and as different as complementary as theater, dance, cabaret or cartoons are, their meeting held at Studio Millaoszewicz taught a rigorous practice of mime, whose base is the technique Hngyk Timszewsyi, a senior Czech mime and dancer.

Direct complicity in the viewer's imagination, the mime is created with the same ease that a cartoon character in the real world, a quantity of stories and atmospheres are created, both anecdotal and abstract.